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Beginning Watercolor Journaling DVD:
    DVD is available for purchase at:

    ’Publishing on demand‘ of my notes and drawings:

    Class Notes by Jerome Domurat

    BayCHI Notes by Jerome Domurat

    Let’s meet for Coffee by Jerome Domurat

PDF’s from this website:

    Device Design Day Conference Aug 20,2010 Download PDF

    Jerome Domurat Resume Download PDF

Amazon listmania lists: 

    Maps of Perception/books for designing User Interfaces

    Journals and Sketchbooks with a lot of inspiring content

    Rapid/Visual Thinking/Note Taking/Journal Making
    Created all of this simple website, yet to grow. Interaction, writing, illustrations. 

Twilitsky iPhone Application:
    Consulted on usability and design issues. This simple application allows users to download Astronomy Picture of the Day.
Now available at the iTunes Store.

Other sites of interest: 

   • Music from Azzurro Verdi, Arias for Solo Blues Guitar used for:
    Beginning Watercolor Journaling DVD by Dale Miller

   • Danny Gregory, author of The Creative License, says "The best DVD I've ever seen to get you journaling."

• SofaSOFT applications were collaborative work with an outside contractor, Eric Quakenbush Please visit Eric Quakenbush’s website to see more SofaSOFT screens:
    Quakenbush Design

   • Jurassic Park Sega CD - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
    I was responsible for directing the design and development process for Jurassic Park Sega CD.
    Included the hiring of talent, defining roles and job descriptions, and the process. The Jurassic Park team created an action-adventure “non shoot-em up” game that is different than most video games. Using a first person adventure style format, the game contained video messages and dinosaur field guide information contributed by paleontologist, Dr Robert Bakker.

   • Here’s a YouTube video about the making of Jurassic Park Sega CD
    The Making of Jurassic Park (Sega CD) (English subtitled)

   • Check out Howard Warshaw’s documentary on the early days of gaming at Atari I make an appearance: Once Upon Atari DVD.

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