The merging, ‘User Experience’ of television, computers, and smart phones is one of the most exciting things happening in technology. This collision of ‘User Experience’ can be a challenge to sort out and design for.

I’m a unique User Experience Designer who has worked on aspects of all these merging domains. My focus is on 'consumer entertainment experiences' that involve 'introduction products' to market. I have created products for PowerTV, Apple, Sega, and Atari to deliver digital innovation to millions of people. My recent experiences in publishing on-demand and DVD instruction has expanded my views and improved my skills at generating fast concepts and adaptive development strategies.

Creating a simple, visually pleasing, end-user experience is always tied to the hardware limitations, software speed, and development tools at the time. My particular talent is the ability to facilitate between engineering and the user. I like to learn and understand the engineering and technical limitations and translate that to a satisfying end user experience.

Technology is expanding from not just 'Computer to Human' Interface but now, is including 'Human to Human' Interface, seen in social networking and smart phones.

My interface and product management skills include:

  1. Skilled at clarifying design issues, writing specifications, and taking rapid-visual notes for iterative product development

  1. Visual development, starting from initial concepts, prototyping, testing, to final shipping assets.

  1. Interactive television, mobile phone and low resolution environments  (SofaSOFT applications for PowerTV set-top box, remote control, electronic program guide, Twilitsky)

  1. Produced, Directed, and Edited a DVD. (Beginning Watercolor Journaling)

  1. System software/hardware development (Atari ST OS, PowerTV OS, final assets of icons and typography)

  1. Online Instructional Information (Macintosh Tours, Apple CD-ROM Explorer Disc (Apple's first CD ever shipped, ran on 4 platforms), Apple Stack Design Guidelines, HyperCard 2.0 Tour and Apple On-line help)

  1. Tools for Developers (GreyFont editor, Interactive VideoWorks, HyperCard 2.0, HyperScan 2.0, Apple RenoWriter help)

  1. Video Games & Software (Atari 2600, 5200 ST games, Sega Genesis CD)

I’m available to talk and show my portfolio in person.


Jerome Domurat


Enjoy my one day conference notes from
Device Design Day Conference Aug 20, 2010
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