Resume Jerome Domurat

User Interface Designer/ Product Designer / Visual Designer 


Usability Engineering 
Consumer Entertainment Technologies, Applications and OS development
Interactive Television, Video, DVD/Design 
Product and Project Management 

Notable Companies: PowerTV, Sega, Apple, Atari


Design specialist with over 10 years experience in UI application design, OS development, video games, print, and software interaction. 
Skilled at documenting, writing specifications, and taking rapid-visual notes for product planning and development.
A strong leader with applied expertise in the planning, building, and testing of user-driven solutions. In-depth knowledge of Human Factors of Design, and Psychology. 
Experienced in content organization, navigation, mock-ups, visual design,wireframe, prototyping, demos, and user interface specifications. 
Extensive hands-on experience in design and development of user interfaces for introduction hardware and software.
Consumer-oriented design approach based on careful observation and evaluation. Incorporating Engineering and Marketing specifications.
Experience working closely with engineers, industrial designers, marketing, and product development
Excellent communication skills. Silicon Valley veteran, with contact network. 
Interface for iPhone applications. 


Enjoy learning and using new tools best for each environment worked in
Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor
Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Blurb book publishing, Microsoft Office, iWeb, Pages, Bento
Platforms: Mac OS X, PowerTV OS, Atari ST OS


greenGRIZZLY; Los Gatos, CA                                                                    04/01 – Present 
Product Designer Consultant 
Initiated my own business, greenGRIZZLY for publishing content, using digital delivery systems. Illustrated and produced 3 publishing-on-demand titles and DVD. 
Consulted on iPhone application, Twilitsky. Available on iTunes store. 
Developed marketing materials and website for Vintage Window Restoration. 
Created and published a DVD, Beginning Watercolor Journaling. I shot, produced, directed, edited, and created the user interaction and menus. Shot with a Canon XL/1S and edited on the Macintosh platform with Final Cut Pro and user interface created in DVD Studio Pro. The DVD is an Instructional Video Disc with lessons in drawing and keeping a visual journal. The DVD is available at 

PowerTV; Cupertino, CA                                                                            08/94 – 04/01
Human Factors Design Engineer/Director
Joined a start-up with 12 other employees, I was involved in everything from developing typefaces for NTSC TV screen to prototypes and demos for potential customers (Cable operators.) The PowerTV operating system was deployed in over eight million households, in Scientific-Atlanta's existing Explorer 2000 and 3000 series of digital interactive set-tops and Pioneer's Voyager 1000 set-top. As the company grew my job role evolved and expanded from demos and prototypes to developing applications and tools. I also handled contractors for interface development.
Wrote the initial draft of the Application Developers styleguide to present usability issues and processes for developing interactive television applications.
Developed the user interaction model for the 'look & feel' for PowerTV's SofaSOFT applications. This was a suite of three applications; SofaMAIL, SofaSURF(Web browser), and SofaCHAT.
Involved in a wide range of typography issues for low resolution screen. Designed, developed, and created the ROM on-screen PowerTV typeface bitmaps for low resolution use. Developed an editing tool for creating 4-bit grayscale fonts for anti-aliased display. Also, worked on the development of a font engine with Agfa and the requirements of a special low res screen font, AgfaVideo typeface.
Storyboards, mockups and prototypes A variety of technology and trade show demos. Participated in a new ergonomic design for a TV remote that was developed for Scientific Atlanta by Metaphase in St. Louis. Involved in the development and interface design of the resident ROM application, Surfer (8600x set-top.) A simple application that handled basic TV functionality.

Sega MultiMedia Studio; Redwood City, CA                                                09/92 – 08/94
Creative Director
Manager for directing the design and development process for Jurassic Park Sega CD. Included the hiring of talent, defining roles and job descriptions, and the process. The Jurassic Park team created an action-adventure “non shoot em up” game that was different than most video games. Using a first person adventure style format, the game contained video messages and dinosaur field guide information contributed by paleontologist, Dr Robert Bakker.
Set up the process for initiating new game ideas and identifying the milestones and documents to start new projects. Worked with the studio to identify the elements needed to describe a game design. Initialized 2 new projects for development.
Worked on collecting reference for a book on Video Game History and Design.

Apple Computer; Cupertino, CA                                                                    08/86 – 01/92
Human Interface Designer
My experience at Apple included a wide range of projects. I was involved in tools and products for delivering instruction along with creating Interactive "Info-tainment."
The user interaction designer for the development of HyperCard 2.0. This involved unifying and taking the earlier release of HyperCard and matching it to the current OS.
I was involved with Guided Tours (first of Apple’s on-screen documentation) and the multi-media production, CD-ROM Explorer disc that ran on Apple's four systems (IIe, IIGS, Mac and MacII). I was also involved in the content development of Stack Design Guidelines. Our group, GFX grew from myself to a group of 15 people for interface and tools support. I assisted in defining these positions and what process takes place in developing an on-screen product.

Atari Corporation; Sunnyvale, CA                                                                   11/81 – 07/86
Software Designer/Games/OS/Tools
Worked for Jack Tramiel's Atari Corp in the development and launching of Atari's new 68000 based system, the 520 ST computer. This includes the creation of system icons, cursors, typefaces and human interface issues. Important issue of this system is the different resolution modes and the use of color.
With others, I created the boot screen and a variety of demos. Also defined the feature set and interface to the NEOchrome paint program.
Completed in 3 months, all 250k of color graphics and animation for adapting the classic Atari 800 game, STAR RAIDERS on the 520 ST.
In collaborations with others, I developed the design and animation of home video games. Creating final assets and animation for software on the 2600 and 5200 video games machines. Working with programmers to create game play graphics and animation and backgrounds. Involved in software development from initial concept, storyboarding to final game graphics and implementation. Worked on the development of software graphic and animation tools.

    Released Atari Games:
2600 VCS System    E.T. + Krull + Millipede + Raiders of the Lost Ark + Soccer + Taz
5200 Games System    Jungle Hunt  +  Pengo  +  Baseball

American Museum of Science & Energy, Oak Ridge, TN                                6/78 – 10/81
Exhibit Designer 
Sketches, proposals, and development of new exhibits. Procuring and coordinating with consultants and fabricators. New exhibit techniques, including video and computer interactive multimedia exhibits.
Atari Drawing program, named SKETCH.


                                       Virginia Commonwealth University  /  1975  1977 / Richmond, VA
                                       BFA in Communication Arts & Design
                                       Special focus on Narrowcast video and animation.
                                       Indiana University of Pennsylvania  /  1973  1975 / Indiana, PA
                                       Major in Printmaking and Illustration transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University.


BayCHI The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of ACM SIGCHI
MacFilmMakers Local user group main emphasis is post-production with Final Cut Studio
Member CNPS (California Native Plant Society) and CNGA (California Native Grass Association). Active interest in California plant and animal life. Was weekend docent for California State Parks at Rancho del Oso/Waddell/Big Basin State Park.  Attendee to several of the Bioneers conferences in San Francisco.

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